Donald Trump at rally

Why the Republican Party is Failing

Why is the Republican Party failing?

It can’t work for the people, let alone their elected representatives. How is that possible?

There is a concept in business called the Fail Safe Principle. This is based on the law of large numbers and it states that if there is a successful situation where a business spends a lot of money to do something that will make money, then it will be repeated many times, just as if it were a failed project. The same applies in politics.

The most successful failure of all is the current Republican Party. This has lasted eight years, four presidents, and more power than the last four presidents combined. And yet, the promises have been broken. The promises are too many.

Republicans promised that they would not raise taxes. Then they promised that they would keep the military strong. Then they promised that they would reform entitlements.

These promises were made by the Republican Party, so who are they going to blame?

They can blame President Obama, but the results show that he didn’t even come close to being the cause of their failures.

Every time the Republican Party faces a major challenge, they say that it is because of President Obama. Of course, they blamed President Bush, but that is because Bush left office. They couldn’t come up with anything to blame, not even the economy. They promised not to raise taxes, and they haven’t.

The Republicans can continue to be the party of no, but the fact is that they only have one problem – they are the Party of No. They used to be the party of strength. Now they are the party of weakness. The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from happening in the first place, not to build up problems that you will fix later. That is the worst idea of all time.

With a good president, no matter what party is in control, the country grows, the economy increases, and there is no major threat to the United States. They can break promises, but they can’t break the laws of nature. Why do we care what they say, anyway?

The Republican Party can’t get elected because they are out of touch with the voters. That is an oxymoron. If they wanted to bring in a new group of voters, they’d bring in the gays and people from the Muslim world.

The Democrats have moved away from their base for the last twenty years, and that is an excellent point for the Republicans. They want people to think they are all hated, which is really not the case.

The party has its flaws, but they can’t go on forever being the party of no. It just won’t work. Make the change, and make it now.