Republican party candidate

Three Republican Party Mistakes to Avoid

It is often said that the Republican Party is a brand new political entity.

However, it is time to make mistakes, to do something wrong and to learn from these mistakes. Of course, every party made mistakes, right?

Every presidential candidate makes a mistake or two. What separates the mistakes of the different presidential candidates from each other is the magnitude of their mistakes. Some are worse than others. Some make mistakes, then make excuses for them.

This week’s example comes from the New Hampshire senior citizens. In their desire to prevent senior citizens from signing up for ObamaCare, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) instructed senior citizens in her state to bring their identification cards with them when they visit their health care facilities. She told them that if they were not able to do so, they would not be able to sign up for health insurance coverage. If people were given the choice, they would still go to the Health Departments anyway.

So, in New Hampshire, where folks are interested in something better for seniors, why did Senator Kelly Ayotte decide that senior citizens should not be allowed to join the healthcare exchanges? This may have been the smartest political move of her campaign. Still, it is surprising, to say the least.

The United States is a low information voter.

Senior citizens aren’t interested in what goes on in Washington. For them, Congress is a political football, and that is about the end of their political interest.

The second one of the new Republican Party mistakes is the belief that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have the best policy on healthcare. In fact, that is not even close. It is obvious that President Obama’s policy on healthcare has worked much better than anything the Republican Party has ever proposed.

The reason this is so important is that healthcare costs are going up at an alarming rate. And, the rates of health care inflation have skyrocketed over the past few years. When you add that to the fact that Obama’s program is actually improving healthcare quality, you will see why this is an issue for him. It is not a partisan issue.

Another reason the Democrats are doing so well with their healthcare cost control plan is that Americans really do not understand healthcare cost. They do not know what is covered by their insurance plans and they do not understand what their deductible is. These are two of the biggest reasons for problems with healthcare.

Americans also do not realize that even though many employers are trying to limit costs, the fact of the matter is that the cost of health care keeps going up as people continue to spend more. So, it is hard to find a single person who does not have some type of coverage.

All of this has been laid out in this plan for healthcare cost control by President Obama. Although, it has the added benefit of tying premiums to income and tying deductibles to affordability.

There is something about these proposals that appeal to many Americans. While many want to focus on raising taxes, the Democrats are focusing on all of the great things the president can do, that he cannot do, that will increase quality of life and lower costs.

The Republicans are left asking why and, more importantly, how? It could not be easy to do the things that they are proposing.