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The Republican Party Has Failed

The Republican Party is no longer the party of the good old-fashioned businessman.

From the Clinton’s Whitewater to the Watergate scandal, Republican leaders have shown a willingness to hide scandals and cover up their shortcomings.

Republican supporters come from all different background ranging from doctors, to IT support specialists, to artists, however they are all headed towards the same direction.

The Republican party is also no longer the party of moral authority. The Clintons are still around and continue to have their loyal followers. And if that wasn’t bad enough, now we have issues such as rape and abortion, whose effect on women is still not clear.

It is pretty much impossible to have faith in the Republican Party. We need to look towards other political parties. And let me explain why.

Like the liberal democratic party, the Republican party has been reduced to a farce. The Democrat party is not above being a joke. Although I do like the liberal democratic party, I’m fairly content with them. However, when it comes to the Republican party, they have turned into something else.

The Democrat party may be the laughing stock of the world but that doesn’t mean they have to be associated with a party that is corrupt and corrupting the nation. When it comes to the Republican party, they have been a laughing stock and not above hiding the dirt. It’s one of the things I liked best about the president. He was a man who did not hide anything, and frankly that made him quite different from the rest of his administration.

However, as with most political parties, they run out of ideas and so change and reform becomes a necessary for the presidential administration. And, the recent scandals are only proof of that. If you ask me which was worse, the Clinton scandals or the Bush administration? The former obviously because he was a statesman that would have led the country and not have been corrupt, but the latter for the fact that he hid the ball and concealed information and thereby obstructing justice.

The Republican Party Has Been on a Downward Spiral

As long as the Republican party is in power, we will never again see a republic, like the Republican party, ruled by the rule of law. They are now only concerned with themselves. And that is a party out of touch with reality.

As the Republican party is no longer in power, they have shown a fair share of incompetence. Their scandals are only proving that they have done nothing about the problems.

It is hard to say the current Republican party has failed. Well, perhaps you can call them the failing party.

I think they would disagree with that statement. But what they fail to realize is they are no longer a successful party and thus do not deserve the credit for our success.

But the only way to move forward and really achieve the goals we have set is to elect a new Republican party. We have to elect a Republican, someone that has integrity and is worthy of the leadership that we so desperately need.

I feel strongly that this is the only way we can ever get to where we need to go, to the Republican Party. This is the only way that we can truly be the party of integrity and not hide behind loopholes, conceal, and lie.