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The End of an Era

Is the end of an era for Democrats and Republicans?

The Democratic Party is very close to abandoning the working class. That should come as no surprise.

The Democrats in Washington DC have never been a party that is for the working class. Not a few years ago, the Democratic Party was the party of Wall Street. Wall Street had full control of the Democrats.

They were considered to be on both the left and right partisan sides. Wall Street had lobbyists in their pocket and when something came up on Wall Street they were on it. It was usually to weaken regulation. Regulation is a good thing for business, yet the Democrats decided they didn’t like it.

Now the Democrats want to do the same thing they did on Wall Street and on trade, the same thing. They want to roll back regulations, change rules of trade and allow more foreign labor in here. With Republican leadership in charge, there should be no need for the Democrats to offer anything different to their base. The voters that gave them control of Congress, and most of the states need to hear and understand what is coming next.

It’s time for Republicans to stand strong, as a team, to return to the winning side. Americans are tired of seeing their President downplay the significance of the war on terror, and the need to fight the war against Islamic terrorists. He must be pressed hard, on the need to win.

The establishment in the Republican Party is not following through on their commitments.

The GOP cannot afford to go along with things like the plan to raise the debt ceiling by July 1st, if we are going to be able to pay the bills. It is time for the leadership to get back in their lanes, they don’t represent the people.

The American people need to know that there are actual Republicans in Washington, D.C. that are going to be successful and take our country in a new direction. If there are no Republicans in office, then it is really no place for the Republican Party. The Republican Party is no longer a party of change, they are a party of the status quo.

The Republican Party has lost its way and it has let the Democrats know that they can get away with anything. The Democratic Party should try and be the party of a better future, rather than being stuck in the past. The Democrats must demonstrate that they will bring real change that we deserve.

The Democrats, including the presidents are, in effect, “going to give them what they want.” The Democrats should not, and cannot afford to be the party of this current administration. That is something that has to be put in their hands.

For the Republicans to make that move and win back their Party, they must be reminded of what this election was about, and of the issues that they promised to address. They must remind the voters that they were for more jobs, lower taxes, and less spending. These are the things that the voters expect the GOP to be for.

The GOP has given them very little reason to trust them with the nomination, and the Republican Party must get back on track and show the American people that they have a vision. The Democrats, with Obama at the helm, are afraid to say they will beat Obama. We can’t have that.

This is not the end, it is just the beginning. Both parties need to work together to come up with solutions, and put them in place, or we will continue to have the same problems and more wars.