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Republican Party Is Still A Party Of The Rich And Corrupt

Is the Republican Party Being Infiltrated?

Even with the elections of the last couple of Republicans, some Republicans still believe that the Republican Party is being infiltrated by Democrats. However, the truth of the matter is that the Republican Party is one that has maintained a very strict, unwavering, and unyielding anti-corruption attitude throughout the years. This has resulted in having Republican politicians, candidates, and members who are not afraid to go to jail to keep their corruption to a minimum.

Whether it be in terms of elected officials, donors, lobbyists, politicians, or contractors, the American citizens who support the Republican Party for whatever reason to know that they have to abide by their ideals. But when those ideals are not upheld, the people who stand up to them are punished. If they lose the support of their constituency, they either go away or disappear, and they’re replaced by someone who is willing to serve what the citizens want.

In order to win elections, the American people need a strong party in place to back. They need their candidates to stand up for what they believe in, and they need to be able to trust their leaders to keep their word. But sometimes, it’s difficult to choose between two politicians that stand for exactly the same things.

This is where a third candidate comes into play.

They are someone who is willing to compromise for the sake of getting elected. They are willing to do what’s best for the people, while allowing for their constituents to gain more from the way they operate.

This was exactly the case with Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party in the 1980s. It was not until they started to “play politics” with the lives of gay Americans that many American citizens became disgusted with the party, even though the GOP supported the legalization of gay marriage. And eventually, when people realized that Republican politicians were far more corrupt than Democratic politicians, the GOP decided to make a change. And so, they switched their policies in order to be more inclusive, to appeal to the American people again.

But why did the Republican Party have to change? After all, how could they possibly expect to win in a country where there are almost as many Democrats as Republicans? One could argue that if you are not corrupt, then you don’t need to change – after all, why change something that is working right?

Actually, the political consultant that put Reagan and the Republican Party in office, David Gergen, believed that a third party was necessary. He felt that with the conservative economic policies, and the conservative social policies that the Republican Party pursued, the majority of the American people would never be interested in a third party. And this is how the Party of Reagan started the shift in policies to appeal to the general public again.

By voting Republican, you’re essentially voting for a corrupt old, and unpopular politician. But if you vote third party, you have an opportunity to elect a candidate who will stand up for the people, fight for them, and look out for their best interests. Not only will they get elected, but they’ll be able to create a working relationship with other political parties, who will realize that the voters of America are looking for change in both their party and the leaders of the United States government.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any corrupt leaders in the Republican Party, but when there are several of them in charge, American citizens see that there is a problem. There is no reason for the conservative party to continue to be corrupt. And if you’re going to put someone in office who represents a corrupt party, then you need to ensure that the political consultant responsible for that corruption has been removed.

While the Republican Party has changed its ways to appeal to the American people, the Democrats have gone in the opposite direction, and we now have free-market policies that would make TomPaine envious. And if the party continues to pretend that it isn’t corrupt, then the voters will continue to lose faith in the politicians who support it.

There are still some political consultants in the Republican Party who believe that they can fool the American people into thinking that they are not corrupt, and that the public isn’t paying attention to their hypocrisy. Corruption. If you are tired of being lied to by the Republican Party, then you need to check out third party websites, and ask yourself, are you a socialist, liberal, or moderate?

You need to find out before you get tricked again. And again.