Do The Democrats Need To Join The “Outsiders”

In fact, it may be the opposite. The Democratic Party is more aligned with the Democrats of old who ran back in the day on moderate-liberal principles, while the Republican Party today is more to the right of the center, as it is a bastion of the “takers” versus the “makers.”

There was a time when the political parties were essentially equal in their ideals. Although the Democrats still occasionally offer support for gay rights, they are more focused on how to help the middle class. This includes less government involvement in the economy and less attention paid to those who are benefiting from an expanding economy.

Some say that this may be because the Republican Party is growing too far to the right.

One former head of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, had this to say about this:

“My view is that the party itself is too conservative for its own good. The fact that people say they’re independents but then they’re in the Republican Party and they vote for Republicans is a problem because it doesn’t give us the leverage.

I think the Republican Party has gotten so far to the right that it’s not just obstructionist on policy, it’s also motivated by religion. And if you’re going to go to church, have a Christian cross on your yard, wear a cowboy hat, take every opportunity to tell people that you’re religious, you should have the same access and privileges as the other side. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean I believe in that philosophy, but there’s an argument to be made that it’s a good philosophy. You can put it in the party platform.”

The Differences Between Both Parties

For many years, the Democrat Party kept its distance from social issues, while the Republican Party and its current leadership had nothing but contempt for gays and lesbians. It is hard to believe that these sentiments would not rub off on the younger voters. No wonder most of them now belong to the Republican Party.

To those Democrats who think they can make inroads into the Republican Party, one thing that might help is to emphasize the difference between liberal and conservative. Of course, there are differences between the two parties on many matters, but many of the debates center on economics and social issues. If the Democrats can focus on this and use it as a wedge issue, they may find some success in taking back the House.

Then again, this may be asking too much of the Democratic Party needs to appeal to more moderate voters. One thing that they can do is try to use the Republican Party as a recruiting tool. They should probably avoid calling for any kind of truce on immigration reform or other hot button issues, since the Republican Party has a lot of problems of its own.

After all, both parties still have a lot of work to do to put together a strong presidential candidate and a congressional delegation. It will take time and money, but the public opinion polls are showing no real movement toward either party.

Hollywood has already been captured by one faction or another. Unless the Democrats come up with a great movie star, it won’t be long before the same thing happens to the Republican Party. This may be good news for the Democrats, as the second election cycle comes to a close.

The polls show that while most Americans would like to see the Democratic Party take back the White House, they do not like the idea of being asked to choose between the Republican Party and a socialist running for president. This may not bode well for the Democratic Party for several election cycles to come.

If the Democrats want to continue to see their majorities grow, they need to be prepared to face their two rivals, the Republican Party and the socialist candidate. Unless they can figure out a way to compromise and attract moderate voters, it may not be a very long time before the “let’s fight it out” mentality takes over.